become a secret shopper

omg who is that mystery woman?!

Am I grateful you're here? Oh yeah. The fact is, we here at The Loveliest really want to create a world class experience that matches our fun concept. 

Just bear in mind there are only 5 initial slots. If we can't fit you in this round, we can always reach out if we open up again in the future.


Do you think you can do it? Enter your details below and we'll send you a $50 Gift Card and the "Secret Shopper Mission Completed" Form, for when the mission know...completed.

important! here's what we're looking for.

  • Shop both retail and coffee.

  • Try things on.

  • Explore and poke around.

  • Ask questions.

  • We will send you a form to fill out after you've shopped.

  • We ask that you complete the form within 24 hours of shopping, so the experience is fresh in your mind. 

secret shopper application

coffee and then all the cute clothes.

but first,

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