SINCE 2007

Hi, I'm Kathryn!

I still remember the moment I became an entrepreneur...


Yes I remember!!


I was sweating bullets somewhere over Tokyo. 

If there was a bridge back to my corporate job, I torched it! 

When I handed in my two weeks notice, my old boss called me a b!#$% and threw a stapler at me. (No, I'm not joking!!!)

Read on... 

Picture me, but in China...and 24 years old.

The flight time to Hong Kong was 24 hours. My mission was to hunt down the cutest clothes I could find. I only had 72 hours on the ground!


I'd pay retail for the clothes - but haggle like crazy. I learned all the negotiating tricks the previous year when I lived at Flourish Mansion in Mongkok - in the most densely populated neighborhood on earth! 


But that moment on the plane, it hit me. I actually have to sell these clothes. Fly back to the states, clear customs, and convince 50 women from Little Rock, Arkansas to show up to my trunk show. 

That was 2008. I’m so glad it’s not 2008. And I’m so glad I started then! 

I've opened 5 boutique locations since then, plus a coffee shop. I tried out blogging, influencing, and selling on Amazon. And I co-own a marketing firm. But helping fellow babe bosses - this is my favorite thing of all.


Welcome to my favorite thing-- helping women grow their business and giving them the creative ideas and tools to take their business to the next level! WOOT WOOT! Let's do this!




"uncomfortable changes make room for success"


I'm no stranger to change, pivoting and starting over. I've been in your shoes and I'm here to help you on your journey to success!

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How nice is it to live our passion? We chose this life. Aren't we powerful?
I'm Kathryn. I live this and I love this. And I'm glad you're here. We've got lots to talk about. 
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