girl, boss yourself!

the job you give yourself is the best job.

I should know. I quit my cushy corporate job in 2007 to pursue my passion. My corporate buddies just shook their head. I was out there without a net.  

And it was the best decision I ever made. Ever

I found my purpose — my life's work. And I found myself. 

Sound sappy? Well, I also found a darn good income and the ability to do pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. 

This franchise is for you. Keep reading.

the loveliest philosophy

who we serve and why

You know who doesn't need another trendy coffee shop / boutique? The cool kids in urban centers like Brooklyn, LA, or Austin.

You know who desperately does need us? Almost everyone, everywhere else.


The internet has changed us all. In a way, we're smarter than we were. Our tastes are more refined. You're just as likely to find cool, savvy people now in a suburb in Kansas as you are in San Francisco.


We opened our first location 30 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Not exactly what springs to mind when you think "trendy hot spot". 

But because we all have the same Instagram and drool over the same accounts, we know what we like. We just don't know how to get it. We're pretty much stuck going to the big national chains for our caffeine fix, and shopping the latest trends online.

Suburban moms, girl-bosses, women's groups, college girls and high schoolers want to be in a chic, hi-vibe, pretty environment. We want coffee beans that aren't moldy or burnt. We want to snap that glorious insta pic to share with our followers. A surprising amount of us are gluten-free, dairy-free, or keto. And we loving exploring the latest food trends, from glittery macarons to rainbow lattes and CBD-infused sodas. 

Some call it forward-thinking, but it's obvious to us. And we want to share the fun with as many deprived people as possible. 

Is this vibing with you at all? If so, let's chat about opening your own franchise! 


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Always, always, ALWAYS! Do it before you're ready. That's my #1 rule. I live my entire life by it, and it's never failed me. 

kathryn richardson, founder

it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns.

it was pretty much just guts.

I'm not gonna lie. This isn't easy. I've been laughed at, talked down to, and judged by people who don't even know my heart and what my vision is! It's happened so many times I quit caring. But that's the kind of thing that gives you wisdom. 

As an owner of your own Loveliest Coffee & Clothes franchise, you may have rough days. You may have haters (that's how you know you're doing something important!).  But you will not be alone!  I got your back. 

I'm ready to share with my all of my 10+ years of experience with you. Every secret, tip, and trick of the trade will be yours to enjoy. 



yes, you in the back row

so, how does franchising work?

First of all, you're going to need financial backing for construction, inventory, furniture, fixtures, etc. How much? Starting around $150,000, which includes franchise fees.  Construction costs can vary wildly, as can leasing costs, depending on location.

what support does the loveliest corporate provide? 

A lot! Everything from incorporation to buying to marketing (fun fact: we own a marketing consulting company!). We provide on-site training, technology, and branding, including your own website and social media platforms. 

the checklist for success

Schedule an introductory call, where we'll go over the initial investment, support resources, business operation, as well as answer your questions.  

Review the training and resources package

Complete and submit a financial application

Schedule a visit to your proposed location

If it's a good fit, it's full steam ahead to your grand opening party!

next steps

next steps

schedule your introductory call

if you think you'd be a good fit as a loveliest franchise owner, tap below to schedule a call with our owners. we can't wait to chat with you about this and to share our passion with you. 

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How nice is it to live our passion? We chose this life. Aren't we powerful?
I'm Kathryn. I live this and I love this. And I'm glad you're here. We've got lots to talk about. 
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