Discussing where you need the most help in your business. Here are my specialties:
- Growing on Instagram
- Overall Business Strategy
- How to launch a new aspect of your business, line of clothing or party. I'm your girl!
- How to get more email subscribers
- How to market to you target Customer on Facebook/Instagram
- Finding your true authentic voice
- Planning and coordinating Photo shoots for your brand


These are just a few ideas!

I can't wait to work with you!


If you want more then one phone call look at are other packages to get support mentioned below:

    - weekly checkin
    - connecting your with other women
    - crossing things off our list and adding new goals
    - review all areas to see how out progress is going



1 hour Coaching Call


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    How nice is it to live our passion? We chose this life. Aren't we powerful?
    I'm Kathryn. I live this and I love this. And I'm glad you're here. We've got lots to talk about. 
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    but first,

    let's connect!