Yay! This might be my very favorite thing I offer! How to make a retail space, studio, work space or restaraunt instagrammable! This is an hourly rate of $125/hour. Most projects can take any where from 10 hours all the way up to 30 depending on the space and how much assistance you need.


What is Instagrammable you ask? Making a space pretty enough that people can't resist taking photos! Let's your space do the talking for you! 


*Above in the photos you can see how we took this photography studio from a plan old space to instagrammable.


How it works:

- Intro phone call to hear what you are looking for

- We create a pinterest board with your ideas on it so I can get a better idea of what your vision is

- Then you send me photos of the space and I send you mock-ups of my ideas

- Next I can help you source materials or you can take it from here.


Testimonial from Heather from Heather Tabacchi Photography


"I was utterly overwhelmed when I signed the lease for my photography studio. Kathryn jumped right in and created ideas and an action plan for my space that completely blew me out of the water. The most helpful part was how she mocked up each room in photoshop so that I could get a clear vision. She took so much pressure off of me and I now have a space that I adore. I would highly recommend hiring her! "



Instagrammable Interior Design Consult


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