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" Kathryn was kind enough to hop on a " Get to know You Call "with me.

I had a new business idea but was unsure of the direction to go.

Not only was I amazed by her knowledge of how to create a business from the ground up,

but also her listening skills. They were out of this world. I've talked with so many coaches that say they get it...but when they have to repeat the vision back to me it's so clear they don't understand, weren't listening, and don't have enough experience to offer other creative solutions to help the idea evolve! She had some amazing feedback and suggested ideas that were total wins and how also told me how I could add to my original concept to actually make money right out of the gate!

I ended up hiring her right on the spot! 

- Casey M.

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Our Services


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What Clients Are Saying!

What Clients Are Saying!



"I loved every minute of my Tarot Deck Launch, thanks to Kathryn. Normally I feel indecisive and overwhelmed when it comes to self promotion. Kathryn came up with a simple, step by step plan that enabled me to stay on task, highlight my strengths, and present myself in an authentic way on Social Media. On top of that, I enjoyed 2 months worth of sales in two days, gained new followers, and significantly increased my email sign ups. My favorite strategy she prescribed was to create a "launch team" to help spread the word and reach new customers. Kathryn also checked in daily via email or text to encourage me, ask how things were going, and if I needed any help. All of her marketing tactics pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped my grow my business in exciting and unexpected ways. Thanks, Kathryn!"


- Jamie R. 

Ember and Aura


“I have recently been thinking about how far my bakery has come in such a short amount of time and I have to pinch myself sometimes! I genuinely have not felt more blessed and happy and I owe that to Kathryn. If it wasn’t for her allowing me to make instagrammable cookies for a photoshoot she was doing, I NEVER would have taken this leap.


She’s not only a creative, supportive, & truly amazing person, but she cares about each person she works with. Because of her, I have met so many other strong, small business owners and I am forever grateful”

- Carly from

Harper Honey Bakery


“When it comes to social media for my business I was lost! I would go through spurts of posts and then nothing for days or weeks. I was waiting to let inspiration strike with no plan and of you’re like me, running a business in person and online, this isn’t the best plan! When Kathryn talked to me about her coaching, my first thought was “I have a coach for fitness so why wouldn’t I use one for social media?!” Then she shared her “Top Nine” method and I knew I needed to work with her ASAP!! I now have a daily plan to rely on that helps keep me on brand and on track - consistency is key!! Thank you so much!


- Erica Parr

Closet Rehab