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Some people call her the "Collab Queen." In 2019 Kathryn collaborated with over 60 women owned businesses! 

"When an email entered my inbox from Kathryn to attend a blogger networking event, I was so excited yet so nervous, I had never actually talked to her before. She knows who I am I though to myself, because I totally knew who she was. I showed up and immediately was welcome by Kathryn with her warm smile exclaiming “I’m a hugger!” as she embraced me. Little did I know that interaction was the beginning of something special.

I was truly so impressed with how thought out this event was from the photo ops, the mingling with other bloggers over coffee and ending with a panel of inspiring women that understand our field. It was everything a blogger could want in a networking event. I left on a buzz of finally feeling a real blogger. Why?! Because of Kathryn and her confidence in me.

Kathryn has a way of welcoming you and somehow looking into your core to genuinely see you for you. She also has a gentle and positive way of pushing you toward acknowledging your own strengths because she’s seen them all along.

And she makes you feel confident in what you are doing even when you’re actually feeling really unsure of it all. To top it off her genuine spirit truly welcomes everyone and makes them feel comfortable. I seriously don’t know how she does it! 


A few months later she reached out to me for an opportunity to be involved with a styled photo shoot. I jumped on the opportunity so fast because I already knew everything she touched was magic. I showed up and I was right, literally every little detail was thought of and the execution of her idea/theme coming to life blew my mind with its creativity! She had make up artists, hair stylists, clothing, flowers, the photographer, literally all the things and I felt like a celebrity just showing up to a photo shoot! Except I’m obviously not a celebrity, this is just how good Kathryn is. The day went without a hitch and a group of women who barely knew each other left feeling like best friends. The energy in the room that day was electric and so inspiring. It is something I will never forget. 


I’m forever grateful for Kathryn and the confidence she has brought me to propel myself forward in being a better women and business owner. THANK YOU Kathryn!"

- Anna H.
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- Connecting you with influencers
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- Teaching you how to collaborate with other business vendors
- Collaborating to promote a product or service.
- Creating a strategy to reach out to other business or influencers
*Any of the above can be discussed in our 1 on 1 coaching calls.
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