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Are you working on your business 24/7 but need some accountablity? Need help getting your creative ideas together and executing them?

I'm your girl!

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Glam Gathering Networking

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Let's make new business besties!

What's Included:
- Appetizers
- Picnic Dinner and Wine
- Dessert
- Glam bonfire
- Instagrammable Moments
- New connections
- Business Freebies

Who: Women who own their own business and work and are all about connecting!

When: Saturday, October 16th, 5:30-10

Where: Wexford PA (more details to follow)



I'm Kathryn!

I’m a business consultant , brand strategist, and instagrammable space interior designer...oh yeah,  and your biggest cheerleader! I get high off of seeing you WIN!


My secret sauce is reminding you of your potential and helping you create the business of your dreams! 

I 've owned my boutiques for last 12 years and have run my own Boutique Marketing Agency for +3 years! I've run a brick and mortar store, coffee shop, created my own products, sold on Amazon, and have collaborate with other women to get my product and brand out there! 

So yes, I've been in your shoes! 

I love helping  other women find their purpose, their direction and giving them the tools they need for success!  Let's get started !

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Let's Work Together

I can help you in any stage of your business


Meet Kathryn

Your Future's Calling, Will you Listen and Take the Leap?


My Journey started in 2008 twelve years ago. During a really nasty recession. Alone. On a plane to China.  I took the biggest leap of my life. I flew to Hong Kong for a long weekend to shop their Wholesale Market to bring back affordable fashion for my first boutique!


Talk about stepping out in faith and not sitting on my business idea ANY LONGER! Can you relate? Are you currently taking your leap or are you in the thick of it right now?



The Power of Connecting Women

“I have recently been thinking about how far my bakery has come in such a short amount of time and I have to pinch myself sometimes! I genuinely have not felt more blessed and happy and I owe that to Kathryn. If it wasn’t for her allowing me to make cookies for a photoshoot she was doing, I NEVER would have taken this leap. She’s not only a creative, supportive, & truly amazing person, but she cares about each person she works with. Because of her, I have met so many other strong, small business owners and I am forever grateful”

_ Carly from Harper Honey Bakery

Most Popular Services

Most Popular Services

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Dreamy Website Design

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Join The Loveliest Collective


Let's be honest, community is hard to find as an entrepreneur. 

If you are at your brick-and-mortar or behind your computer all day the desire to meet people is there, but the time isn't!

This is for you if you are ready:
  • To show up to build relationships and grow your network

  • To learn new ways to have passive income

  • To find like-minded women easily and effortlessly

  • To find answers to your business questions

  • To create a business you're proud of and love

  • To STOP wasting 5 hours figuring out reels or how to launch a podcast... the tools are inside!

Connecting with like-minded women


come say hi!

SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi