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8 Fun Facts About Me!



I'm from Pittsburgh, PA but I've lived in 20 different countries


My favorite thing is helping women, cheering them on, and watching them rise! When I was pivoting I realized that talking to women every single day was what truly made me happy.

I didn't want to go to college but my dad found a fashion design school and thought I would be really good at it. So I went and when I graduated I got my one and only REAL JOB  at Dillard's as an assistant designers at Dillards Headquarters for 9 months.



I am super dyslexic and sometimes it triggers imposter syndrome...

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I'm a mom of 3 kiddos 9, 7, and 4.  Every day hilarious things happen and I find myself saying things my parents said to me! 


I started my first store at age 25 and I've owned 5 brick and mortar stores since and 1 coffee shop and created my own lactation tea on Amazon.

I love the color pink! You'll see that my wardrobe is mostly pink and my house is too!


In 2017 I sold everything I owned to travel around the world with my husband and 2 kids 2 and 8 months old. We started in Bali and then traveled to Austrailia, all over Asia and Europe. This was the year that inspired  my vision for The Loveliest Coffee and Clothes! 

Hi Sweet Friend, I'm Kathryn!


Channeling my inner fear-less babe

Wow, I'm so honored you are here and reading this! I'm a HUGE believer that if you strolled over to my page there is a reason why you've found me!

Girl, I've been an entrepreneur for the last 12 years and it's been a journey! I've seen in my own life how uncomfortable changes make room for success! When you're an entrepreneur you can't help but allow the change and pivoting to mold you into a stronger and wiser version of yourself! 

I've had BIG changes, major losses, and I'm still standing and stronger than ever because of these pivotal moments in my life!


2007 - Got married and 1 month later moved to Hong Kong to teach English

2008 - Opened my first boutique with my Sister -in- law in a small shopping center with little walking traffic. We got a chance to move to a busier area of town and we took the leap. We had to pay 2 rents for a while but it was the BEST decision we ever made.

2010- Moved to Washington DC and then Nicaragua. Had no idea what I was going to do and had lots of random temp jobs. I was a receptionist at a hair salon and had to press a button to let people in the door at an office.

2011 - Moved back to Pittsburgh and decided to open my own Boutique, Rosewood. I found a space, signed the lease, and in 2 weeks bought all my merchandise and opened the storefront.

2016- Decided to close Rosewood and sell everything to travel the world as a family with my husband, 2-year-old, and 8-month old.  Headed to Taipei, Taiwan, and then Bali, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Never A

2017- Found out we were surprisingly pregnant with baby #3 . I had this idea for a coffee shop and clothing store under one roof but couldn't seem to find the perfect space.  looked for 2 years.

2019- Found a space for The Loveliest in April and in May we opened and knocked it out of the park!

2020- March hits and I find out my building has been sold, I'm giving 30 days to leave and then Covid hits. I lose my dream store, ya know the one I thought  would have froever and would be my legacy! 

2020- I pivot so many times I lost count and now I'm consulitng women and helping them grow their business!  The funny thing is I was doing all these thing the entire time while running my brick and mortar stores just never had time to really put all my energy into it. But now, I see, I'm right where I'm meant to be!

2021 - Found myself in a broken marriage and on a personal journey of speaking my truth, empowering women and stepping into who I'm meant to be...oh yeah and sharing the mess along the way!

Dull Moment

I've  been in your shoes. I've had businesses that have failed and businesses that have succeeded. I know what it takes to make your business work on Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and even Amazon.


So let's take my knowledge and help you grow your business today!


I'm known as everyone's Biggest Cheerleader!


I thrive on surrounding myself with positive motivating people. I always have SO many business ideas. I get really excited about all things Instagram and creating fun content for the clients I get to work with!


Let me help YOU with building the behind-the-scenes of your brand!





Fear-less Women

Work with me

SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi

"Loving  &  cheering women on is still a thing!"


SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
SAY IT_ What's possible for her is possi
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